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Dr E
Hi, I'm Dr. E, founder of The Eclectic Approach
We enhance your existing skills, we don't replace them.
The Origins of The Eclectic Approach
After taking over 100 seminars in the first 10 years of my career, I came to a point where clashing ideas and schools of thought needed cohesion. I felt like I needed simplicity over complexity, and systems over techniques. Even as a classically trained Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Fellow, I realized that less was more and to really help someone recover meant to empower them, not fix them.
After taking a seminar do you notice?
  •  Your outcomes improve for a month or so
  •  The novelty wears off after a while and you need new tools, or a series of tough cases make you want more 
  •  Eventually you fall into your old habits and search for the next best flashy tool for your toolbox
  •  You feel like if you just knew a bit more about manipulation, or IASTM, or dry needling, or breathing techniques, or pelvic floor, etc that your success rates would sky rocket?
The 5 E's of the Eclectic Approach
  •   Eclectic
  • The Eclectic Approach draws on from many sources, takes the best from different approaches and combines them into an effective system any clinician can use, no matter their experience level
  •  Evidenced Lead 
  • Evidence/Science based mechanisms and clinical reasoning are the focus. You can't learn experience, but you can learn to cater to patient's expectations, and empower patients with Pain Science and homework, taking the focus off of passive techniques
  •  Effective 
  • Our techniques integrate into your existing practice. We show you how to make any of your top techniques, and make them pain free. It doesn't matter if it's soft tissue work, IASTM, neurodynamics, spinal manipulation/mobilization or general/targeted exercises. How much more effective would your techniques be and the patient compliance improve if everything was pain free?
  •  Education 
  • The Eclectic Approach's main emphasis is on empowering the patient with Pain Science Education, along with self assessments and home exercise programs. Dosage and repetition is key to see the patient as little as possible. You actually get busier the less you see patients.
  •  EASY 
  • What? Manual/Physical Therapy - easy? In the same sentence? Forget about the minutiae of learning an entire commercial model's suggested system. They have value but does learning the entire system and using it exactly as described greatly improve your success? Perhaps, but there are diminishing returns for the amount of time you invest versus the amount of success you have. Evaluation and Treatment should be reliable and EASY is a big part of that. Trust me, coming from a Fellowship trained OMPT with almost 20 years of experience in teaching at 3 different PT schools and mentoring tons of clinicians of different levels, complexity is NOT the way to success.
The Eclectic Approach is Expanding!
Our Seminars
Modern Manual Therapy Seminars
  • Courses include Clinical Practice Patterns to enhance and shorten your evaluation
  • Emphasis on a wide variety of Pain Free manual therapy techniques
  • Patient educational strategies on Pain Science, Self Assessment and Treatment to maximize recovery outside of the clinic
  • Courses include neurodynamics, spinal mobilization/thrust manipulation, IASTM, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Compression Wrapping and more!
Modern Strength Training Workshops
  • Learn all about the research and science behind Blood Flow Restriction Training
  • Incorporate BFR into your rehab or strength training
  • Learn how to use a handheld doppler to maximize patient safety
  • Significant amount of lab time to practice BFR with Cardiovascular Exercise, Upper and Lower body simple isolated exercises, and Upper and Lower Body example training programs
Modern Corporate Wellness Seminars
  • Learn how MCW founder Dr. Andy McLarky saved a billion dollar company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year 
  • Get real data on HUGE savings and everything you need to pitch our Corporate Wellness Blueprint to corporations
  • Learn Modern Manual Therapy's screening and simple treatment process 
  • Earn more in 2 days of work than your full week
Modern Motor Control Seminars
  •  Coming soon from our partners with Motion Guidance
  • Coming soon!
  •  Fully online seminar, first of it's kind - both recorded and live online presentations
  •  Learn about Pain Science Education, maximizing Therapeutic Alliance, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Movement Strategies and more
  •  Access to The Recovery System, an objective way for your patients to track their Road to Recovery
  •  Lead instructor Dr. Andrew Rothshild, DPT, FAAOMPT